Immerse Yourself With Erika Woolsey

Erika Woolsey



Erika Woolsey is all about taking the plunge and experiencing Earth’s oceans for oneself -- even if that means harnessing the power of virtual reality and 3D coral models to do it. She is a marine biologist, National Geographic Explorer, and CEO of The Hydrous, a nonprofit that aims to create open access oceans for the public to explore the world’s threatened waters using VR and photogrammetry.

IOFF: Why are you passionate about our oceans?

Woolsey: I’m passionate about ocean science because marine life is beautiful and fascinating, and because the ocean is too amazing and too threatened not to explore, understand, and share. 

IOFF: How has Sylvia Earle’s work pioneered the way for others in this field?

Woolsey: Dr. Earle is a pioneering scientist for her contributions to the fields of marine biology and phycology. She is a pioneering explorer for living thousands of hours underwater. She is a pioneering public servant as the first woman to become Chief Scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She is also a pioneer for ocean activism, calling on world leader’s to protect the ‘blue heart of our planet’ with a global network of marine protected areas. 

IOFF: What is an example of recent policy changes or conservation wins that are good for the ocean and planet? How can we catalyze more of those?

Woolsey: I'm proud of the California Climate Policy to reduce emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. California's economic and political clout influences policy throughout the country and the world, so our individual power as citizens and consumers have real impact.

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