Sea Stewards


Hangout with the SFIOFF! Google+ Hangout on Wednesday, February 19th Get a sneak peek of features and films included in this year's line-up during a special Google+ Hangout discussion on Wednesday, February 19th from 12:00 - 1:00 PST. SFIOFF Executive Director Ana Blanco, Sea Stewards Founder and shark program organizer David McGuire, Jeff Clark, Big Wave Surfer and Mavericks Pioneer, Ocean Symposium Founder Andrew Kornblatt and other filmmakers and panelists from the film festival will participate in a live discussion.

While speakers will tackle tough questions ranging from their ocean inspiration to what drink pairs best with the fest, there will also be opportunities for you to ask your deep ocean questions. Click here to RSVP and watch live, from your computer or mobile device!