Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (USA) Rob Cala, 14 minScreening: Saturday, March 8th, 4:00 p.m.

Prepare for a visit to one of the most biodiverse intertidal regions in the state of California. The local community unites to observe, protect, and enjoy this Northern California coastal gem. —VJ

Filmmaker Q&A: Select questions with filmmaker Rob Cala

SFIOFF: What was the most enjoyable and/or challenging part of making the film? RC: Creating something that would appeal to both kids AND adults. Yielding quality interviews and acquiring underwater time lapse was challenging and rewarding.

SFIOFF: How or why did you begin creating ocean-focused films? RC: I've had a life long love affair with water and the sea. Above it, in it, beneath it, I feel it is a natural place for me and critical to the world to protect it.

SFIOFF: Can you tell us about your next project? RC: A film about marine species extinction.

SFIOFF: What is your spirit marine animal? RC: Anemone