Sharktober FilmNight at 2013 Wharf Fest

Special Screening - Celebrate the 2013 Wharf Fest event on Sunday,  Oct. 27th.  **Please note corrected date to Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 4:30 p.m., same location.

Join SFIOFF as we celebrate Wharf Fest with a Special Screening: Sharktober FilmNight! Sunday, October 27 at 4:30 p.m. at the Bay Theater on Pier 39 adjacent to the Aquarium of the Bay. Featuring five of our most popular, award-winning shark films, check out the full line-up listed below.  Click Buy Tickets to get your tickets soon!

Befriending Giants (USA) Shawn Heinrichs, 6 min In the Philippines, fishermen on the hunt for market-sized fish have formed an unlikely partnership with giants of the sea: huge, graceful whale sharks, the largest fish in our ocean. In exchange for occasional fishy treats to the leviathans, the locals realize benefits from whale shark tourism that augment their slender incomes.

I’m Going to Bite Someone (USA), Steve Dildarian, 7 min Two sharks walk into a bar … well, not quite. This animated short recounts a shark’s point-of-view dialogue deploring the insults to ocean life that humans have wrought: dumping, shark finning, and -- geeeez-- making a “cake” out of crabs (how sick is THAT?!) Could biting a human be a catalyst for dialogue and change?

Tangled Waters (New Zealand), Andrew Scott, 25 min Dunedin, New Zealand, is the only place in that country with shark nets. Why? This irreverent, comedic journey examines why some want them, while others seek to dismantle them. Illusion, confusion, and self-delusion account for the nets’ presence; hopefully, an informed public will bring about an enduring resolution.

Sanctuary in the Sea (USA), Bob Talbot, 18 mins Stunning imagery and an original score by the Mermen blend with the perspective of Farallones’ diver Ron Elliott, as he ponders his life with the sea, and the future of our oceans. Witness the transformation from over-exploited hunting ground to protected sanctuary. White sharks, blue whales, and a quarter-million seabirds co- star.

Sanctuary: the Last Stand for Sharks (USA), Shawn Heinrichs, 20 mins Beautiful cinematography tells the story of multi-generational efforts in the Bahamas to help protect sharks while emphasizing their grace and importance in our ecosystems. Not the menacing creature they’ve been made out to be, sharks are key to their environment as proven by the Bahamian community in a model replicated elsewhere around the world.